About the Company

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OpinionVox.com is the first online panel in Cambodia which is brought to you by MRTS Consulting Ltd. We are a professional market research and consulting company based in Cambodia, with the mission to help our clients launch and grow their business to another level through providing deep insight into the market and consumers’ mindset. Our advises come from very carefully thought and comprehensive research amongst stakeholders.


By December 2018, Cambodia has 12.5 million internet users, compared to 10.8 million in the previous year. The rate keeps on increasing year on year.


We have been conducting market research using traditional way which is boring and annoying for many years so it is time now to move to a new way to keep up with the world fastest digital and internet movement. We believe conducting market research through online panel is faster and cheaper for our clients. The consumers can enjoy with more fun and easier to share their views, feedbacks and opinions via their mobile phone. They can access to the surveys anytime and anywhere. In addition, they can have chance to win big prize.


We partner with the brand owners in Cambodia and over the world to format their success by better understanding you, their customers, in a better way.