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Online Surveys

Companies are looking for consumer opinions from people like you! connects you with those companies and pays you cash or other rewards such as product in our store for sharing your opinions.


We use the information from our database to target various demographic groups according to criteria established by our clients. When your profile matches the basic criteria for a specific survey, we will invite you via email to participate.


There is no guarantee as to how many surveys you may receive or participate. That is based on your personal profile, what our clients are looking for, and if you fit into any open quota group.


Profile Update

It is important to keep your profile updated so we can appropriately match you to survey opportunities. Your member profile starts with your registration information, but you can always update it from time to time.


Earning Points

If you pass the screening criteria of the survey and complete the body of the survey, we will credit your account the points as mentioned in our invitation email.


You can use the Points that you get to redeem for rewards in terms of cash or products from our store.


Getting Paid

Once you have accumulated more than $10 in incentives, you can request payment by using the “Request Payment” tool under the Account section once logged in. Payment is made by cash in USD and will be transferred to you through local money transfer agent like Wing, True Money, eMoney or bank transfer such as ABA etc.


Instead, you can redeem your reward into any products in our store when your points reach a certain number required. We can also deliver the product that you choose to your home.



The best way to boost your points is by simply referring new members to register with We provide a public referral link you can post on your group chats, Facebook, or other social media etc even to email to your networks.


The benefits that you can get from the referrals include:

  • You get points when you complete surveys
  • You get points when your direct referrals complete surveys.
  • You get points when your indirect referrals (referrals your direct referrals made) complete surveys.
It’s really free to join!

Membership is always free and voluntary and can be done by simply filling out the registration form. The form is usually broken down into a few steps where questions may ask for personal, contact and household information so that relevant surveys can be sent.

On your tablet, PC and mobile

Thanks to advanced internet technology, surveys can now be conducted anywhere and anytime online via your PC, tablet and mobile. What’s even better is that surveys can now be more innovative.

We want to hear your opinion and we will reward you for it!

As a member of OpinionVox, we not only want to hear your opinion  – we’ll reward you for it! It is free to sign up and receive online paid surveys about: Movies – Restaurants – Automobiles – Consumer products – Current events – Many other topics that interest you!

Privacy and Confidentiality

You will never receive unsolicited email as a result of joining OpinionVox. Your personal information is kept 100% confidential, and your online survey responses are anonymous and used only for the sole purpose of market research. For more information, please read our privacy policy.